Welcome to Nude Systems – a blog dedicated to all technology addicts out there.

My name is Leonard Cucos, and I have been fascinated with computers for longer than I can remember.

The first keyboard companion was a Commodore PET 2001 in the early 80s, accompanied by a 286 a few years later. I can still vividly remember the hard disk mechanical sounds, flickering CRT monochrome monitors, and the bulky shapes of the early PCs.

I was six, and for the first time, I felt I was an explorer. Those were the days that shaped everything I decided to do decades later in life.

Fast-forwarding 30+ years to present times, my fascination with computers led to a fruitful and sometimes adventurous IT career.

It carried me from Windows, Linux, UNIX server administration, IP, and Optics network engineering to FinTech, Data Science, and Information Security. I guess this list will never stop.

Weirdly enough, IT allowed me to see the world outside the cold and noisy data centers more than I ever expected. It allowed me to live and work in five countries on three continents in the past ten years.

And I’m on the verge of a new adventure. That makes me what? A nomad engineer, I suppose.

However, there were also some constants along the way. In all these years, I met some really talented people and made some fantastic friends. I own them everything, and they are the reason I do what I do today.

And so, on a rainy day back in 2021, I decided it was time to give back. With over 20 years of IT experience under my belt, I have quite a few things to share.

That’s how Nude Systems was born. And since the journey matters more than the destination, I plan to keep the cool tech stuff coming!

When I am not working on Nude Systems, I teach students statistics for research and data science and how to write research papers.

If you are interested in working together on a project or have any suggestions for topics I should cover further on this website, drop me a message below.